For over 10 years, Art for Change ”la Caixa” has been using art and culture as a means of impacting and transforming society. This year we're promoting a project together with the National Theatre of Catalonia.


    Via our Art for Change ”la Caixa” programme, we're launching a call for applications, aimed at people aged over 65 and teenagers aged from 16 to 18, to create a show.

    Together with the National Theatre of Catalonia (TNC), we're staging a show entitled "Mateix dia, mateixa hora, mateix lloc" (Same day, same time, same place). This community project has been created by Lali Álvarez and HuiBasa and will be performed at the TNC as part of its youth drama cycle, included within the TNC's 2019-2020 season. This project also benefits from the collaboration of Nau Ivanow, a centre that promotes artist-in-residence programmes for the performing arts, among other services.

    Is it possible to change the world? And you, how would you do it?

    In "Mateix dia, mateixa hora, mateix lloc", the old and young come together in a quest for that strange optimism which drives people to change the world. They'll look at the world... and try to change it!

    Want to take part?


    • If you're interested in taking part in "Mateix dia, mateixa hora, mateix lloc", consult the terms and conditions and fill out the entry form.

    • The pre-registration period is from 1 July to 10 September 2019.

    • The names of the applicants accepted will be published as from 12 September 2019.

    • Registration must be completed on 13 September 2019.