Education should be the same for everyone

Education should be the same for everyone

We want all children to go back to school with the same opportunities.

A vital return to school

1 out of every 3 children lives at risk of social exclusion in Spain. This situation has been compounded by the healthcare and financial crisis caused by COVID-19, which not only translates into a lack of financial resources, but also into problems in having access under equal conditions to what is a universal right: education.

This academic year is vital for thousands of children, those who have suffered most from the consequences of the pandemic. That is why ”la Caixa” Foundation, an organisation committed to education in its fight against child poverty, has delivered over 110,000 school kits to children with fewer resources so that they can enjoy the same opportunities as everyone else in their return to school.

The CaixaProinfancia programme, in coordination with the joint effort of over 400 social enterprises, has managed to help almost 320,000 children since it began. However, although these are great figures, we know that there is still a lot left to do.

Now more than ever, with your and everyone’s cooperation we will be able to give them the support they need so that education is the same for all children. Will you help us make this happen?

Would you like to see what this year's kits are like?

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