An exciting summer with CaixaProinfancia

In the CaixaProinfancia programme from the ”la Caixa” Foundation, we’ve reinvented ourselves in a virtual format to help the children in this project experience a fun-packed summer.

Throughout the month of July, we’ll present new proposals, activities and digital materials to enjoy this new adventure, now even more connected than ever.

Shall we get started?

Digital materials for this summer

  • What emotions do you work on with…?

    In order to bolster self-esteem and bonds with people that children have around them, as part of the CaixaProinfancia programme, we encourage starting a chain of positive notes. This week children can also bring out their creative side by making a short film or podcast to share their experiences this summer.

    What’s more, the webinar with reflections from Dr Jordi Longàs and Dr Rosa Santibáñez on the importance of leisure in the current context is now available.

    You can download all of the resources you need to conduct the activities below.

  • Which emotions will you share with...?

    After all those days cooped up at home, it’s quite common for children to have difficulties when it comes to expressing their emotions. As such, we’ve got various resources for them to learn how to exteriorise and share them with the people in their lives.

    We will also work on creative conflict resolution in their daily lives, since more often than not… there’s more than one possible solution!

    You can download all of the resources you need to conduct the activities below.

  • New fun-packed activities are on the way!

    This week we are proposing tools for education out of respect and empathy, showing that using alternative methods other than punishment can get more positive results.

    Shall we create a character? In this new activity, we will continue to stimulate children’s creativity through illustration. Based on the fun-filled work of Miguel Gallardo, they will experiment with possibilities for expression in visual language to represent emotions and feelings.

    What’s more (and especially for those who like a challenge), we’ll put your memory to the test with a simple game for the whole family.

    Below, you can download the resources you need to do the activities.


    Questions like “is it true that we are what we eat?” will kick start reflections on our food culture and how to move towards healthier, fairer and more sustainable models.

    What’s more, this week we’ll share tips with you on how to turn maths into an attractive and fun subject.

    Lastly, education specialist Laia Cortés will help you to successfully manage one of the most complicated stages for all parents: the teenage years.

    Below you can find download links for all the resources you need to complete the activities.