RemAb Therapeutics.
Disruptive treatment that enhances immunity against bacterial infections

Rafael Máñez Mendiluce


    Rafael Mañez Mendiluce


    Instituto de Investigación Biomédica de Bellvitge, Spain


    RemAb Therapeutics (RemAb) is developing RA-01, a breakthrough drug for curing bacterial infectious diseases. This novel technology, which offers an alternative to antibiotics, elicits immunity against a broad range of Gram-negative bacteria.

    Some of the advantages that set it apart from existing approaches include the fact that it uses a novel target, it does not generate antimicrobial resistance, it acts immediately, it can be synthetically produced and has an excellent safety profile.

    RA-01 is a polymeric glycoconjugate that can specifically bind and remove inhibitory anti-Gal antibodies involved in the growth of hospital-acquired bacterial infections. The regulatory roadmap, including pharmaceutical quality, nonclinical safety-tox. program, as well as, the design of a FIH was recently validated by the AEMPS.