Molecular tool to diagnose endometrial cancer

Eva Colás Ortega


    Eva Colás Ortega


    Vall d'Hebron Institut de Recerca, Spain


    CEMARK is an innovative, patented and non-invasive diagnostic tool for endometrial cancer (EC), based on the detection of protein biomarkers in uterine fluid.

    Endometrial Cancer represents the seventh most deadly type of cancer in women in developed countries. Early and accurate detection of neoplastic growths are hallmarks of improved survival. Moreover, the current paradigm involves several rounds of tedious, subjective and invasive rounds of diagnosis. Thus, a reliable and objective diagnosis tool would greatly improve women’s life and reduce unnecessary healthcare expenditures associated with overdiagnosis.

    To develop a routine clinical test that will correctly diagnose patients with endometrial cancer in women that present abnormal vaginal bleeding.

    Problem to Solve
    Endometrial cancer symptoms are not very specific, namely abnormal vaginal bleeding (AVB). However, only 5-10% of women with AVB further develop EC. Therefore many women are subjected to a tedious, subjective and minimally-invasive process, which in 22% of cases need from additional invasive testings. On top of that, interobserver variability in pathological interpretation leads up to 55% incorrect staging. This inefficient diagnostic process has several consequences, from life expentancy and patient’s quality of life to associated healthcare costs.

    CEMARK is based in the analysis of a set of protein biomarkers in uterine fluid, obtained from pipelle biopsies, providing accurate diagnosis to women with abnormal vaginal bleeding.

    Level of Innovation
    CEMARK will provide a more reliable and sensitive diagnosis of EC, reducing the current overdiagnosis. Moreover, its design as an ELISA kit will facilitate its clinical implementation.