Line of action

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The call for projects to produce artwork forms part of the ”la Caixa” Foundation’s programme to support artists by helping them produce a piece of artwork.

    The call for projects to produce artwork is aimed at artists aged 18 or over, with Spanish or Portuguese nationality or residency, who already have a project in mind or under way in collaboration with a third party (museum, curator, institution, etc.) and who need to produce a piece of artwork.

    In addition to presenting a project, artists should also draw up a budget setting out production costs and fees and should show that a third party has committed to exhibiting or promoting the finished piece.

    The selected works will be produced during the following two years and will benefit from the resources and advice of the ”la Caixa” Foundation exhibitions team.

    Once the projects for which the pieces were created are over, the pieces will be assessed by the acquisitions committee, which will decide whether or not to acquire them for the Collection of Contemporary Art ”la Caixa”.



    No projects or additional documentation may be presented outside the deadlines stipulated in the terms and conditions, unless the organisation announces an extension of these deadlines.

    Call for projects opens

    9 December 2019

    Call for projects closes

    23 March 2020


Register and certifications

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    To present a project the applicant needs to certify his/her eligibility via the applications website, which will provide an access code (username and password).

Project presentation

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    Projects are presented the applications website for the call for applications using the username and password obtained during certification. No physical documentation will be accepted.

    To present a project correctly all the data fields in the different tabs of the website application must be completed and the project presentation form provided by the application must be enclosed, as well as any complementary documentation.

    Participation in this call for applications implies that the applicant agrees that the jury's decision is final.