Meeting, in Barcelona, the members of the Jury for the second edition for the Call for Production Applications, made up of: Mabel Palacin, Artist, Filipa Ramos, Editor in Chief at Art Agenda, Claudia Segura, curator, and a representative from ”la Caixa” Foundation, have decided to select the following twelve projects and artists:

    Artist: Grup d’Estudi
    Project: Exhibition view

    Artist: Fernando García-Dory
    Project: Aerosol-Resguardo / Many little hands

    Artist: Marcelo Expósito
    Project: Doble vínculo

    Artist: Patricia Dauder
    Project: Index

    Artist: María Alcaide
    Project: Carne de mi carne: Entraña

    Artist: Cooking sections
    Project: From the shores that found their sea

    Artist: Antoni Hervás
    Project: Medusa’s Dark Ride

    Artist: Alex Reynolds
    Project: Rapporteur

    Artist: Pedro Torres
    Project: Uxuwell

    Artist: Alicia Kopf
    Project: Historia de mis ojos

    Artist: Filipa Cesar y Sonia Borges
    Project: Leitura do mangue

    Artist: Mariana Silva
    Project: Cyborg wildlife