PROJECTS 2018

    Meeting, in Barcelona, the members of the Jury for the First Call for Production Applications, made up of: Ignasi Aballí, Artist, Filipa Ramos, Editor in Chief at Art Agenda, Maider López, Artist, and Isabel Salgado, Director of the Exhibitions Department, representing ”la Caixa” Foundation, have decided to select the following eight projects and artists:

    Artist: Marta Pujades
    Project: Ways of gesturing

    Artist: Eva Fàbregas
    Project: Gut Feeling

    Artist: Mabel Palacín
    Project: Homeland

    Artist: Catarina Botelho
    Project: El tiempo de las cosas (The time of things)

    Artist: Pedro Neves

    Artist: Javier Codesal
    Project: Evangelio Mayor (Higher Gospel)

    Artist: Erick Beltran
    Project: Unidad y multiplicidad: la forma de legión (Unity and multiplicity: the form of legion)

    Artist: Pep Vidal
    Project: Crónica del nacimiento, crecimiento y muerte de una nube (Chronicle of the birth, growth and death of a cloud)