"Gallos de Pelea" - Cabosanroque, Matissos and L'Altre Festival

Associació Sociocultural L'Altre Festival


    Associació Sociocultural L'Altre Festival




    The project focuses on the production of a multidisciplinary show in which music, drama and poetry come together, created by the Cabosanroque company in cooperation with the Matissos association with the aim of enhancing the well-being and inclusion of people both with and without mental health problems

    The show will receive its premiere at the Fabra i Coats Art Factory at the Fifth International Festival of Performing Arts and Mental Health. The aim of this production is to enable society as a whole to look at mental illness from a positive and inclusive perspective.

    "Our projects follow the social accessibility model promoted by Mike Oliver in the 1980s, and which sees the context (physical space, society, etc.) as disabled, not the person. Accordingly, we believe not in the instrumentalisation of a methodology or a collective, but in creating new spaces where everyone works for their own inclusion: professional artists, cultural managers, people with mental health problems and the general public, in this case, in their role of spectator. Experience in the field of the performing arts and mental health enables us to see that the production of quality performing arts works contributes to the rehabilitation of people with mental disorders, to the fight against stigma, to inclusion in the performing arts as a space that celebrates diversity and the creation of popular culture"


    • Barcelona