Geografia i memòria: demència, resistència i solidaritat

Albert Potrony Marquez
(Photo by Alejandro Acin)


    Albert Potrony Marquez




    Most practical and emotional support for older people with dementia is provided by women, usually close relatives (daughters, in most cases). This is unpaid and unrecognised work, generally provided without training and with little or no professional support.

    As the disease progresses, it is necessary to take the step of hiring a caregiver or to move from home to nursing home. Most social workers who take care of our elderly physically and emotionally are women (many of them immigrants with families abroad).

    This work profile makes the job of social work assistant a profession with a low remuneration and little social recognition, despite the great physical and psychological support they give their patients.

    The project will work with the Dementia / Alzheimer Unit at the Lleida-Balàfia nursing home, with family members who have relatives in the residence and with the residents themselves. Firstly, through workshops and sessions with the artist, the project will be presented and efforts will be made to establish relationships and explore common interests, areas of concern, hopes and wishes. A second part will be devoted to generating spaces of contact and solidarity between workers at the centre and families to discuss daily practices and experiences: How can we take care of the carers? Finally, group outings will be made to the city and a map of important sites will be produced to guide elderly people with dementia within the city environment.


    • Lleida