Harrotu Ileak

Tabakalera, Centro Internacional de Cultura Contemporánea


    Tabakalera, Centro Internacional de Cultura Contemporánea




    Harrotu ileak is a long-term project designed to provide a space for collaboration among young people, Tabakalera and various artists. This is a hybrid space for meeting, creation and debate. Since it was first launched three years ago, the project has become a reference for many young people living in vulnerable situations in the city.

    The results of the creative processes organised (photography exhibition, music video, play...) have encouraged debate on issues of social justice in the public sphere, as well as questioning some of the stereotypes and stigmas associated with certain bodies. The young people who take part in Harrotu ileak inhabit the margins of our society and do not fit in with prevailing social mores.

    Generally speaking, the cultural institutions of Donostia do not place non-Western cultural references at the centre of their activities and, when they do, it is always in the form of a represented object. This project proposes direct collaboration with young migrants, seeing them as subjects with agency, and with Moroccan artists, who work with these young people, with whom they share the language and certain cultural codes. In this way, direct communication is achieved with a view to discussing the complexity of certain life situations.


    • Donostia-San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa