MEAfest: Sembrando Futuro (Muestra Expandida de Artes Escénicas)

Diana Romero del Hierro


    Diana Romero del Hierro




    "MEAfest: Sembrando Futuro" is an emerging cultural mediation project whose protagonists are the living arts linked in some way to environmentalism, the connection between ancestral wisdom and contemporary knowledge, sustainability, the rural world, inclusion and diversity.

    The project is implemented mainly in villages in the Embalse del Atazar Community of Municipalities: Patones, El Berrueco, El Atazar, Cervera de Buitrago, Robledillo de la Jara, Serrada de la Fuente, Paredes de Buitrago, Mangirón and Cincovillas, all of them in the Sierra Norte county of Madrid. This is a territory marked by the mass exodus of the population to Madrid in the first half of the twentieth century, with the consequent loss, not only of population density, but also of transmission of local knowledge about places and ways of life, heritage, resource management, etc.

    In recent years, new settlers from different backgrounds have arrived, with different cultural identities and motivations for taking up residence here. All this generates a new challenge: to build a community and a new identity that embraces all people in their diversity and contribute to repopulation.

    MEAfest will produce various different actions of community artistic creation based on the languages of living arts. These actions will be created by artists and aimed at children, youth and adults with the aim of empowering those who inhabit these small villages and strengthening their ties with the territory and with each other.

    The creative processes will be developed by local residents in cooperation with professional artists and companies in an Expanded Exhibition of Performing Arts, an open festival expanded in time and space so that all can enjoy, in a unique rural setting of great natural beauty, a contemporary living arts programme.


    • Mancomunidad del Atazar (Sierra Norte de Madrid)