Proyecto Impresas

Pilar Almenar Vara


    Pilar Almenar Vara




    Female prison inmates among the most invisible and vulnerable of groups of women, due both to their imprisonment and their social situation, to which are added such factors as low level of education, racialisation and submission to the will of men that they have frequently covered up in their crimes.

    "Proyecto Impresas" is a process of creative accompaniment in the collective literary creation of women in Picassent prison aimed at encouraging their creativity, reaffirming their skills and generating an environment that fosters their empowerment. Through participatory workshops, we will seek to generate positive reflection on their abilities – "What are my talents? How do I want society to see me when I leave?" – and to break down the prejudices that they apply to themselves and those that their environment applies to them.

    The result will be a printed magazine that will bridge the digital divide and which they can distribute directly to their families. The magazine will be entirely edited, with complete creative freedom, by women at Picassent prison and will present the work of 9 months of creation and literary and artistic collaboration when the contributors will not only have written on the topics they want but will also have been able to collaborate in other disciplines and to take decisions concerning other technical tasks entrusted to collaborators, both internal (if they invite fellow inmates to collaborate) and external (leading outside professionals who will work as peers on design, layout, illustration and photography).


    • Picassent, Valencia