Querían brazos y llegamos personas

Susana Jiménez Carmona


    Susana Jiménez Carmona




    Domestic work is one of the most badly-treated sectors in Spain, with countless erosions of rights.

    There are in Spain 637,700 people working in the domestic sphere (EPA survey of the active population, March 2019) and 96% are women. According to the ILO, 34% of women workers are not registered with Social Security, and 1 in 3 live below the poverty line, lack social protection and work an average of 4 extra hours a day without pay. 42% of these women are migrants. According to the union UGT, domestic work is their gateway to the Spanish employment market. Women who, driven by the search for better living conditions, arrive in Spain without a support network, with several employers or as interns with hardly day off. Invisible women, in a situation of vulnerability, who in many cases are isolated and do not know their rights.

    In response to this situation, self-organised domestic workers have created spaces for meeting, and collective recognition and empowerment, raising awareness that that they are not just people with strong arms, but people with rights.

    "Querían brazos y llegamos personas” (“They wanted arms but people arrived") is a radio soap opera featuring domestic workers of migrant origin. It serves a dual purpose: to contribute to the empowerment of domestic workers through artistic activity; and to raise awareness in society about their situation. It is created by three partners: the sound artist Susana Jiménez Carmona; the Pandora Mirabilia cooperative; and the Territorio Doméstico group of domestic employees. Why a radio soap opera? Because radio provides an ideal format for domestic workers, since they often listen to it on their mobile phones while they work.


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