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    Within the University, there are groups that do not share experiences outside the usual classes, such as teachers and students, people working on programmes such as the university for senior citizens or staff who work in other areas, such as administration, cleaning, the kitchens... Moreover, there are no links between the campus and the township of Leganés. This project aims to build a bridge between several different worlds that do not coexist at the moment, despite being in the same territory.

    The project proposes the creation of Somas 5D, a new galaxy in which a voice and recognition is given to the group of people with intellectual disabilities, which will work in full integration with the other groups (the elderly, teenagers, young people ...). Firstly, workshops will be organised to bring together different groups in the same territory. Secondly, a new specific drama group will be established that, like a starship, will land everything generated and build a new production.

    The three core disciplines on which the project is based will be: the performing arts, architecture and the culinary arts. The stage artist Aitana Cordero will accompany and guide the process in cooperation with the Aula de las Artes team and with the support of other artists and creatives from the fields of pedagogy, social inclusion, architecture and cuisine.


    • Leganés, Madrid