Sonoqualia 3.0: imágenes mentales e imaginación sonora

Concha García González


    Concha García González


    Visual arts


    The main mission of Sonoqualia is to promote the creation by people with visual impairment of sound art experiences linked to the pictures conserved by museums in the city of Madrid.

    The audio descriptions that museums provide, understood as descriptive accounts of the elements of their pictures, are the starting point for this project, which was designed in the form of a 10-week workshop in which the participants work in groups, assisted by technicians who give them access to sound composition computer programs.

    Sonoqualia focuses on the construction, enrichment and communication of the mental images of the participants, generated from these descriptive narratives, which are understood as internal representations formed from our multimodal experiences, in which all the senses intervene.

    "Visual impairment is considered to subtract from the 'total experience' and is not as a considered a characteristic form of living experience that can contribute so much to a society."

    In response to experiences of listening to guides with audio description in a contemporary art museum, the project proposes to search for alternatives. Audio description places us before an intellectual gloss that replaces the emotional expression of the artistic work. In no way can audio description understood as subtracting fragments (vision subtraction) be considered to partake of the concept of experience. Instead of attempting any kind of translation, Sonoqualia proposes to develop an alternative experience that appeals to the subjectivity of the visually impaired listener. Let the painting pass through the body and the emotions of each.


    • Madrid