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    Visual arts


    "ssssonoridadessss" is a project aimed at users of two occupational day centres (known as COs): CO La Marina and CO 1981, of Asproseat.

    For these COs, Laura Llaneli, editor of the Hangar sound art blog, tutor on the Metáfora Studio Arts Programs and teacher of Art History at the Casa de la Cultura adult training school in Sant Cugat, designed an artistic proposal that revolves around sound, the sounds that accompany the participants in their everyday lives. To establish the methodology and dynamics, the first step was to get to know the participants and to form a team including the artist, and workers at the CO and Fundació Joan Miró. The aim is for the creative process to have close links with the participants' day-to-day life, serving to enrich and enhance it.

    The project revolves around a series of activities, spread over several sessions spanning a period of around 5 months. These activities are listening practices to establish a new relationship with the world and foster creativity through sound.

    This is designed to be an open, participatory process, developing freely, which could culminate in a show at the Fundació Miró in the form of an installation, performance or other.


    • Barcelona