También Estás Aquí

Paloma de Pablo


    Paloma de Pablo




    This project aims to break down different barriers that people with ASD (specifically, those with Asperger's syndrome) encounter: difficulties of social and communication skills or accessing the employment market, lack of awareness in the school environment or the particular needs of families in which someone has been diagnosed with ASD. All this, through the performing arts and in contact with everyday spaces with the goal of achieving inclusion: school, work and the family environment.

    "También Estás Aquí" ("You Are Also Here") will revolve around the development of a multidisciplinary theatrical activity in which people both with ASD and without ASD will work together creatively. A theatre workshop will be held in order to prepare a final production that will be presented between the months of March and April 2020.

    At these workshop sessions, participants will carry out activities related to different artistic disciplines, mainly the performing arts, music, literature and the fine arts, all connected by a thread, to create the final show. Overlapping with all this, the participants will be visited by artists and will be encouraged to discover different everyday environments in which we hope to achieve real inclusion: school, work, family.


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