Traspassant Murs

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    Visual arts


    This is a community artistic project in which young inmates at the Can Llupià juvenile correctional centre take part, along with staff at the facility (teachers, security guards, management, maintenance personnel), in cooperation with the multidisciplinary artist Marcel·lí Antúnez and students at the Massana School. It is a participatory project that aims to transform the centre through an art intervention on the surrounding wall and by bringing together inmates and workers, those under guard and those guarding them, to raise the visibility of these young people, often rejected by society. The whole process will be filmed on video.

    Can Llupià is a juvenile educational correctional centre for young people between 14 and 18 years in legal detention. The centre opened in 2007 in Horta-Guinardó district. Some 60% of the inmates are from outside Spain and have recently started to include many unaccompanied foreign minors, who do not know either Spanish or Catalan, which makes communication difficult. Generally speaking, they are young people from dysfunctional social and family situations with high poverty rates. The project aims to cover some of their needs, helping them express themselves through art, calming their anxiety, empowering them and improving their self-esteem.

    The Setba Foundation has organised the TRASPASANDO MUROS project since 2018. The initiative is aimed at young people at risk of social exclusion at the Can Llupià juvenile correctional centre in Barcelona, under the artistic direction of Marcel·lí Antúnez and with the support from the Government of Catalonia’s ministries of Justice and Culture.


    • Barcelona