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Asociación Compañía Danza Vinculados


    Asociación Compañía Danza Vinculados




    For this project, the Cabo de Gata Nature Park has been chosen, where two contradictory situations are ignored: the beauty and purity of the almost untouched landscapes of the Nature Park and the environmental destruction caused by the greenhouses which, in turn, provide jobs for the locals and a large number of immigrants in one of the traditionally poorest areas of Spain. These contrasting realities create a struggle that is depleting resources and women are at key to this conflict.

    With this project, a group of women from the province of Níjar, Almeria, of different ages and socioeconomic backgrounds, accompanied by women from Granada with experience in inclusive community dance and led by the professional team of Cía.

    Danza Vinculados and Útopi Social Films, will create four short video-dance films in key locations (greenhouses, warehouses, beaches, countryside) with the aim of fostering women's leadership skills in their community and helping them to organise themselves into associations, bringing parallel social realities closer together and raising the awareness of participants and the general public of the environment and the interculturality of the region.


    • Between Granada and Níjar country (Almería)