The Arctic is breaking up


    Miranda De Ebro

    Parque Antonio Machado
    From 18 September al 18 October 2019


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    If there were no North Pole our planet would be so different we wouldn't recognise it.

    This travelling exhibition aims to show us the remarkable nature of the Arctic ecosystem, explaining the important role it plays in the world's climate and revealing its characteristics and biodiversity.

    Highlights of this exhibition are the sensational photographs by Andoni Canela, a prestigious nature photographer who has travelled throughout the Arctic region to bring us totally up-to-date images.

    With this exhibition, ”la Caixa” Foundation aims to contribute to the Science in Society programme by raising scientific awareness regarding a particularly endangered ecosystem: the Arctic. It also hopes to promote critical thought and raise awareness of an important environmental problem: the effects of climate change on the Arctic and the consequences for the rest of the planet.