We invite teachers and pupils to join this programme and find out more about the Big Data phenomenon.


The Big Data Programme: through the EduCaixa data, we contribute to developing pupils' digital skills and promote a proactive, critical but also realistic attitude towards technologies based on the study and analysis of the Big Data phenomenon.

The programme presents all participants with the Big Data Challenge, a competition to select the teams with the best projects, offering them the chance to take part in a Datathon in Barcelona and a training trip to Silicon Valley.


    The programme's content is presented on the website bigdata.educaixa.com, with five themed blocks that include practical, dynamic activities for the classroom.

    Teachers can choose from 3 itineraries of different intensities to adapt the programme to their needs.


    The Big Data programme is aimed at pupils in the 3rd and 4th year of Obligatory Secondary Education (ESO), the Baccalaureate and Middle Grade Training Cycles.


    EduCaixa offers the teachers and students registered on the BigData Programme the oportunity to take part in the BigData Challenge, a competition in which teams can put the knowledge.

    To win a prize, participants must take on the role of a data journalism team and prepare a news story on a proposed contemporary issue, also explaining the procedures they've used to manage, analyse and process the data.

    The pre-registration for the BigData Challenge will be open until February 7, 2020.

    The projects for the BigData Challenge can be presented through the "la Caixa" platform before March 3, 2020.

    The Big Data Challenge offers the chance to benefit from two awards:

    • Barcelona Datathon: 4 days of learning by solving a specific challenge on the big data phenomenon and the social transformation that it entails. The Datató will be held from 3 to 6 May 2020 in Barcelona and the students and teachers of the 25 selected teams will participate.

    • Training trip to Silicon Valley (San Francisco, USA): the 5 selected teams from the Datató will travel to Silicon Valley where they will visit technology companies of global relevance, will know innovative initiatives and will develop different activities to deepen in the acquired knowledge.


    For more information, visit bigdata.educaixa.com or contact the technical office.