EduCaixa. Educating in and out of the classroom


    We stimulate vocation, spread art and culture, promote personal growth and foster education in values.

    EduCaixa is the platform that covers all the educational support offered by ”la Caixa” Foundation.

    A unique range of resources, materials and activities to help teachers and the educational community to complement school activity.

    A proposal adapted to all levels of education and particularly aimed at:

    • Encouraging careers in science.

    • Spreading art and culture.

    • Stimulating entrepreneurial attitudes and promoting financial education.

    • Educating in values.

    • Contributing to pupils' personal growth.


    For the whole educational community: teachers, pupils aged from 3 to 18, schools, parent associations, organisations and institutions.

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    Within the classroom

    At we offer pedagogical resources for classroom work aimed particularly at reinforcing values, social commitment and teamwork among the young.

    Outside the classroom

    A range of more than 15,000 activities that complement the work carried out in the classroom, held close to schools at our CaixaForum and CosmoCaixa centres throughout Spain.

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Alma, la red social social

martes, 9 jun. 2020

Jóvenes y mente crítica: la mejor medicina contra las fake news

¿Puede una fake news costarnos la salud? ¿Cómo detectamos una noticia falsa? Han sido algunas de las cuestiones que se han planteado los grupos participantes del Reto BeCritical del Campus EduCaixa 2020, el primero realizado de forma virtual.

  • More than 2,3 million pupils and teachers in 2015

  • More than 8.800 schools took part in 2015

  • A selection of more than 270 activities