From Pole to Pole. A journey to awe-inspiring places in nature with National Geographic

A Journey from the Arctic to Antarctica

An exhibition that offers us a vision of some of the most amazing natural landscapes on Earth.


A show that reveals the beauty and frailty of our planet, endangered by human activity.


Produced in partnership with National Geographic.



    Plaza de la Costa del Sol
    From 30 June to 22 July 2021
    Exhibition in collaboration with National Geographic


    Art in the street exhibition, 24 hours

    Guided tours for the general public
    Saturdays at 6 pm and Sundays at 12 noon

    Appointment phone
    +34 900 80 11 37

    Open activity


    This journey from the Arctic to Antarctica takes a look at some of the most stunning natural landscapes on Earth, many of which are considered “hotspots”: ecoregions that are significant reservoirs of biodiversity, with a large number of endemic species (species only found there), and are seriously threatened by human activity.

    More than half of the world’s plant species and over one third of the mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians inhabit just 2.3 % of the Earth’s surface, and the majority live in tropical habitats that are swiftly being destroyed. The alarming loss of biological diversity is accelerating at an unprecedented rate.

    According to Conservation International, there are currently 38 hotspots around the world. Although these areas once covered approximately 16 % of the Earth’s surface, today 86 % of their habitat has been destroyed.

  • GOAL

    To show the beauty and diversity of the planet’s natural settings, as well as the threats they face.

    To create a space for reflecting on the effects of the high rate of species extinctions and the destruction of our planet as a result of human activity.


    Fifty-two spectacular large-format images from the National Geographic archive, including the work of prestigious nature photographers such as Frans Lanting, Paul Nicklen, Michael Nichols and Tim Laman.

In collaboration with:

  • National Geografic