We help young women who are in vulnerable situations

The Casa de Recés is a temporary home for young women who find themselves in highly vulnerable situations.


Young women, of legal age but marginalised from society seeking educational guidance to establish a plan to achieve emancipation.

  • With difficulties in establishing emotional bonds with their families.

  • With difficulties in securing and keeping their own home.

  • Referred by organisations or institutions with social programmes.

  • Young women embarking on the road to personal emancipation.

What we offer them

  • 41 temporary placements in the home, with educational support.

  • Personalised itineraries to improve their own personal and social independence.

Women stay at the home of their own free will.


How we work

We attend to these women and assist them from a social and educational point of view, with personalised itineraries to improve their chances of becoming a part of society and finding employment.