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At ”la Caixa” Foundation we believe in people and their capacity to grow, work and overcome adversity. We believe in education, culture and research as drivers of progress. We believe in a society with more opportunities. We believe in a better future for everyone and we work in thousands of projects to build such a future.

In collaboration with hundreds of organisations and thousands of volunteers, we join forces to combat poverty and exclusion, to promote excellent medical research, to bring culture within everyone's reach and to improve the education of children, both today and tomorrow.

Areas of action

  • Social programmes

    We promote the transformation of society through programmes that encourage access to employment and housing, that help to improve the quality of life of those most in need and foster social harmony and a cohesive society.

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  • Culture and science

    We bring knowledge closer to society through culture and science as a means of personal growth and social cohesion.

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  • Education and fellowships

    We promote both education and training of excellence as an engine of progress and social well-being.

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  • Research and health

    We support talent and progress. That's why we promote research, encourage innovation, support high quality training and analyse the real situation in society in order to achieve advances in health and other life sciences.

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  • Social action in rural areas 2022 Call

    Until 9 June 2022, at 5 pm

    The purpose of this call is to support projects in municipalities with under 10,000 inhabitants that are adapted to their region and their social needs to improve quality of life and create opportunities for families, children, adolescents, women, the elderly and people at risk of social exclusion.

    Access to Social action in rural areas 2022 Call

  • Atención integral a personas con enfermedades avanzadas

    Until 20 June 2022

    Esta convocatoria tiene como finalidad seleccionar los nuevos equipos de atención psicosocial que asistirán a personas con enfermedades avanzadas y a sus familiares. Deben ser entidades del ámbito sanitario y sociosanitario, y su misión será dar atención psicológica, social y espiritual cálida, sensible y humana, facilitando una atención integral.

    Access to Atención integral a personas con enfermedades avanzadas

  • Canary Islands 2022 Call

    Until 26 May 2022, at 5 pm

    This social call is aimed at collaborating with non-profit organisations that run their projects in the Canary Islands based around one of these 6 fields: the elderly, people with functional diversity or mental disorders, humanising healthcare, the fight against poverty, social and job-based inclusion and interculturality and social action.

    Access to Canary Islands 2022 Call


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