We back research aimed at improving the health of the brain

We work with the Barcelona Brain Health Initiative (BBHI), a ground-breaking research project that sets out to foster cerebral health.

The goal of the Barcelona Brain Health Initiative (BBHI), led by the Guttmann Institute, is to identify the indicators that make it possible to assess people’s state of cerebral health, with the ultimate aim of fostering the most favourable habits and lifestyles. This project involves the participation of 3,000 healthy volunteers aged between forty and sixty-five, a suitable age range to prevent the disorders that can appear at more advanced ages.

The study sets out to add to knowledge of the mechanisms that help to keep the brain healthy over a person’s lifetime, including areas like physical exercise, nutrition, socialisation, cognitive training and sleep.

The aim with this is to maintain the functional capacity of the nervous system throughout life and foster healthy ageing for the population, which is the great challenge for 21st-century biomedical research.