ClimaDat, observe, investigate, understand

We encourage the study of the climate to detect and gain more insight into the effects of climate change.

ClimaDat (in Spanish only) is a pioneering network of stations for the study and investigation of the climate and climate change.

In collaboration with the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), we’ve set up a network of climate measurement stations that provide us with climate data that are freely accessible almost in real time.

This helps to study and share the interrelationships between the world’s different climate systems and the two-way influence of the global and local climate.

What does ClimaDat observe?

  • Temperature and humidity of the air and land.

  • Relations between Climate and Diversity.

  • Responses in ecosystem activity.

What insights does ClimaDat provide?

  • The impact of global change on the climate.

  • The relationship between global and local.

  • Predicting and forecasting climate.

  • The action of greenhouse gases.

The scientific community studying climate change and its impact, as well as anyone interested in this area.

Stations in particularly sensitive locations

In collaboration with regional governments we’ve set up observation and research stations in regions that are particularly sensitive to climate change, either due to their location or to their distinctive ecosystem.

Free access to the data

The climate, bio- and geo-chemical data obtained are available on different platforms such as

  • Freely available data almost in real time

  • 8 observation and research stations in Nature Parks and Biosphere Reserves

  • 6 autonomous communities