#iSing Bohemian Rhapsody

Take part in the new #YoCanto and sing Bohemian Rhapsody from the comfort of your own home in a huge choir with people from all over!

After the success of #YoCanto Viva la Vida and #YoCanto Hallelujah, you now have the chance to take part in the fun of singing this iconic Queen song.


  1. 1

    Choose what group you want to participate in. There’s a description of each one below.

  2. 2

    Listen and watch the video tutorials for your range and the group you choose.

  3. 3

    Practice the musical part a bit and work on the staging

    You’ll soon see it’s pretty easy!

  4. 4

    Create two files according to the instructions on the video tutorials: an audio recording with just your voice and a video of you singing and following the staging guidelines.

  5. 5

    Upload both files in the respective sections in the registration form.

With the material we receive, we’ll create a collaborative choir video
that we’ll publish on social media and in other places.


  • Only a limited number of people can take part.

  • You need to check that there are still places for your range in the group you choose. To do this, go to the registration form and look for the “group” drop-down box, select the group you want and, in the next drop-down box, “range”, you’ll see how many places are left in your chosen group for each range.

  • Bear in mind that the minimum age for participating in #YoCanto Bohemian Rhapsody is 14 and the data included on the form must be for the person who is singing in the recording.

» Read more essential information for taking part

Registration deadline: until places are filled or 9 May 2021 at 11:59 pm CET (UTC+1).

Go to the registration form!

Generic information for all participants


It is crucial that you follow the staging instructions.

You will see that, depending on the group and/or range, there are guidelines about the colour of the costume, background and/or garments, how the camera should be framed, the use of green A4 cardboard, etc. You must follow all the indications, except those that are denoted as “optional”, which are up to the participant.

Group 1 Intro + Coda
Sopranos - Altos – Tenors

Group 2 - Ballad
Sopranos - Altos – Basses

Group 3 - Rock
Sopranos - Altos – Tenors

Group 4 - Opera
Sopranos – Altos – Tenors – Basses

Essential information for taking part

Bear in mind that the minimum age for participating in #YoCanto Bohemian Rhapsody is 14 and the data included on the form must be for the person who is singing in the recording. Only one registration per person is allowed. As such, each person can only sign up for one group. No one else can appear or participate in the video or in the audio recording and these recordings must stay within the framework laid down, not including any other elements. Any recording that does not comply with the terms will be ruled out. The ”la Caixa” Foundation reserves the right not to include, either in part or in full, any material that does not meet a minimum level of quality, in terms of image, sound, etc. based on technical, artistic and musical criteria (if the video is not included, this does not necessarily mean that the audio will not be included and vice versa).

The ”la Caixa” Foundation, as the Controller in the data processing, will process your data under the terms and conditions stipulated in the online registration process (including your image and voice). Furthermore, by taking part in this project, you authorise the ”la Caixa” Foundation to use your image (including your voice) and your performance, free of charge, in the recordings, videos and/or audio-visual material that you submit and in which your image appears and your performance is displayed, either fully or in part, isolated and/or integrated into a production and/or recording, which shall be the exclusive property of the ”la Caixa” Foundation, and it may use them without any kinds of limitations, on through any media and in any format (analogue, digital, OTT platforms in any way, social media, internet, etc.) in any way (in other words, through subscription, open access and any other), for any purpose, including promotions, with no territorial limits and for as long as the rights remain in force. We hereby inform you that your image is personal data that is also subject to the data processing document attached to the online registration form.