The COVID-19 crisis appeared without warning and set all the social alarm bells ringing. To help prevent the repercussions of this food emergency, it was necessary to take urgent, effective action. That's why, at the beginning of the pandemic and together with CaixaBank, we implemented the solidarity campaign #NoHomeWithoutFood. An initiative coordinated with the Spanish Federation of Food Banks and focused 100% on achieving donations to provide the most vulnerable families with basic foodstuffs.

The solidarity and commitment of the whole of society have helped to alleviate the emergency situation arising during the pandemic which had left a large number of families without the essentials.


The total amount raised

over 3 million euros

has become

3,600 tonnes


of basic foodstuffs to help

vulnerable families


The campaign had a huge impact on the media and great presence in public opinion. It also received an avalanche of altruistic support from a large number of celebrities from the world of music, sport, cuisine, etc., such as Antonio Banderas, Alejandro Sanz, Ferran Adrià, Jordi Alba and Eden Hazard.

Blas Cantó, Chenoa, Alejando Sanz, Antonio Banderas and Nieves Álvarez