Más Empleo de "la Caixa" Programme

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    The international recession context has had a more significant effect on the job market in Spain than in other European countries. As a consequence, there has been considerable divergence from the European Union average in employment and unemployment rates. The economic recession has dragged on in Spain, causing high rates of long term unemployment and youth unemployment.

    To help achieve goals set for Europe 2020 Strategy, Spain is developing the Operational Programme for Social Inclusion and the Social Economy (POISES) for the 2014-2020 period, financed by the European Social Fund.

    The "la Caixa" Banking Foundation, as an intermediary organisation for POISES 2014-2020, within the framework of Thematic Objective 9: “Promoting social inclusion and combating poverty and any form of discrimination”, is launching the tender for the Más Empleo de “la Caixa” programme, with total financing of over 41 million Euro, to select projects that implement measures encouraging active inclusion of people at risk and/or in a social exclusion situation through integral social-labour insertion itineraries, that help them join the job market.




    This tender has a joint funding from the European Social Fund for 30,576,923 € and ”la Caixa” Banking Foundation for 10,769,309.75 €.

    Selected projects will obtain annual funding of between 80,000 and 100,000 €.

    Period for subsidising the cost of the projects: from the date of signing the agreement with the beneficiary entity (May 2017) to 30 September 2023.


    Own projects are funded for non profit making organisations, special employment centres or insertion companies, aimed at implementing measures that encourage active inclusion of people at risk and/or in a situation of social exclusion through integral social-labour insertion itineraries, allowing them to join the job market.

    Projects lasting one year will be subsidised, developed annually within the cost subsidising period.

    You can access the private area via the application website to start and manage applications for the call.


    High scoring projects will include:

    1. Individualised itineraries for mentoring people during the social-labour insertion process.

    2. Training to improve employability, whenever considered opportune.

    3. Labour intermediation and prospecting focussing on the job market as an element facilitating employability.

    4. Job guidance in an attempt to familiarise participants with the different job seeking techniques and providing them with job market knowledge.

    5. Support in employment; in cases where the itinerary leads to finding a job, depending on the person's needs, they and the company can receive close mentoring.

    Actions focussed on helping or promoting entrepreneurship are not encompassed within this call for bids.


    Cualquier persona que tenga conocimiento de hechos que pudieran ser constitutivos de fraude o irregularidad, en relación con proyectos u operaciones financiados total o parcialmente con cargo a fondos procedentes de la Unión Europea, podrá poner dichos hechos en conocimiento del Servicio Nacional de Coordinación Antifraude (SNCA) de la Intervención General de la Administración del Estado, por medios electrónicos a través del canal habilitado al efecto por dicho Servicio en la página web del Ministerio de Hacienda y Función Pública en los términos establecidos en la comunicación 1/2017, de 3 de abril, del citado Servicio (PDF, 4,91 MB).

    Asimismo, y siempre que excepcionalmente no sea posible la utilización de los citados medios electrónicos, los hechos podrán ponerse en conocimiento del Servicio Nacional de Coordinación Antifraude en soporte papel mediante el envío de la documentación en sobre cerrado a la siguiente dirección postal:

    Servicio Nacional de Coordinación Antifraude.
    Intervención General de la Administración del Estado.
    Ministerio de Hacienda y Función Pública.
    Calle María de Molina 50, planta 12.
    28006 - Madrid.

    En caso de efectuar una comunicación al SNCA, ya sea vía electrónica o vía correo postal, agradecemos envíen una copia a la Fundación Bancaria “la Caixa” de forma que, en tanto que Organismo Intermedio del POISES pueda llevar a cabo un seguimiento de la misma, a la siguiente dirección:

    Fundación Bancaria ”la Caixa”
    Departamento de Auditoría interna
    Av. Diagonal, 621-629, torre 2, planta 6
    08028 Barcelona

Register and certification

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To present a project, the applicant organisation needs to certify its eligibility on the applications website.

- Organisations already certified: Need to verify and validate the registration documentation contained in the application.

- Organisations not already certified: Certification is carried out via the applications website where you will be given your access code (username and password).