Preventing situations of loneliness and isolation



    Population aging. General data

    • According to data from the Continuous Register of the National Statistics Institute (INE), at 1 January 2018 there were 8,908,151 elderly people in Spain, representing 19.1% of the total population. It is particularly notable that people over 80 years of age account for 6.1% of the total population. These figures are the result of the evolution of the existing population typology: there are more and more older people and ever fewer younger people.


    Risk situations:

    • As a result of this new scenario, loneliness and social isolation have become two major challenges in Western societies. In response to this situation, ”la Caixa” Foundation's Programme for the Elderly has launched “Always Accompanied”, an initiative aimed at addressing situations of loneliness among senior citizens.



    Elderly people in possible situation of undesired solitude.


    The “Always Accompanied” programme promotes networks of support and wellbeing for elderly people through interventions aimed at empowering them, mobilising the community and raising awareness in order to reduce situations of loneliness among this group.

    To this end, we promote the participation of different organisations and stakeholders within the community (local authorities, businesses, schools, associations and so on). All together, we can address situations of loneliness by:

    • Detecting and drawing attention to them.

    • Providing opportunities for people to become empowered, enabling them to establish ties and manage their relationships and their loneliness.

    • Promoting the establishment of a social network in the neighbourhood to care for elderly people and provide them with security.


    The programme operates in nine cities and towns: Terrassa, Tortosa, Girona, Tàrrega, Lleida, Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Logroño, Palma and Jerez de la Frontera.


    ”la Caixa” Banking Foundation promotes the programme in cooperation with the Spanish Red Cross and the following stakeholders:

    • Local bodies: local authorities, social services and the Health Service.

    • Organisations: NGOs, associations and nursing homes.

    • Community: neighbourhoods, residents and establishments.


    If you would like to support the programme:

    • Help us to detect these situations in your neighbourhood.

    • Inform everyone that you think you might be interested and/or want to help about the programme.

    • Take part in the activities as a volunteer.

    If you are an elderly person, you can take part in the activities organised as part of the programme.

    Send an email by clicking on the User Information tab.

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martes, 5 feb. 2019

La isla invencible

A sus 75 años, Mari Cruz no teme a la soledad: más bien es la soledad quien la teme a ella, porque no puede vencerla. Gracias al programa Siempre Acompañados, ha decidido explorar todo aquello que esta nueva época de la vida le puede ofrecer.