We want all children to start the school year with enthusiasm and a desire to learn


To combat child poverty, every day counts

Although education is a guaranteed right in our country, it's in the school environment where inequalities are most in evidence. Many vulnerable households can't afford even the most basic resources their children need to fully develop their potential: notebooks, pencils and pens are out of reach for such families.

That's why ”la Caixa” Foundation, through its CaixaProinfancia programme, fights against the cycle of poverty passed down from parents to their children with a firm commitment to education as a driver of change; the key that can give even the most disadvantaged children a chance for a better future.

Once again, we've contributed by providing 84,000 school kits at the start of the academic year; an action that forms part of a far-reaching programme that involves organisations specialising in educational and social issues.

However, to truly put an end to child poverty, the involvement and action of everyone is still needed. It's the only way to ensure the future can also be within reach of those children suffering the greatest economic and social difficulties.

With an investment this year of over 53 million euros, so far ”la Caixa” Foundation has supported more than 300,000 children but many more still need our help. All it takes is €8 to ensure a child has the material they need for their education. For instance, with just €1 you'll be providing a child with a pencil and notebook. With your help, and that of others like you, we can change this situation.

Because only education can offer them a better future.

Would you like to see what this year's kits are like?

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