For respect

It's possible to put a stop to gender violence and abuse of the elderly.

Via the programme Violence: Zero Tolerance we work to raise awareness and prevent such situations, as well as helping victims of this kind of violence.


    The "la Caixa" Foundation started up the programme Violence: Zero Tolerance in 2006, with three goals:

    • Make society aware of the phenomenon of violence.

    • Help to prevent it.

    • Promote the recovery of women who have suffered from gender violence, as well as their children.

    The programme currently covers three broad lines of action:

    • Programmes of psychosocial support for women and children exposed to gender violence.

    • Educational programme to prevent and raise awareness of the problem of violence, aimed at teachers and pupils.

    • Programme to promote respect for the elderly, to raise awareness in society of the problem of abuse of the elderly and train professionals who have contact with them.


    For society in general, professionals working with women who've suffered from gender violence and their children and professionals who normally work with the elderly.

    The educational line is aimed at primary and secondary school teachers who want to prevent and raise awareness among their pupils of the problem of violence.



    Different tools have been developed to achieve the aims of the programme Violence: Zero Tolerance:

    • Training: 3rd and 4th grade secondary teachers, professionals dealing with female victims of gender violence and with children who've experienced this kind of violence at home, as well as professionals in contact with the elderly.

    • Support materials: publications on paper and in digital format for the programmes of psychosocial support, education and respect for the elderly.

    • Work: the three programmes are carried out in collaboration with public administrations, social organisations and other institutions.

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La cola del cometa

La historia está llena de mujeres brillantes que han quedado relegadas a un segundo plano. El ciclo de conferencias Ni ellas musas, ni ellos genios, en CaixaForum Madrid, reflexionará sobre las relaciones entre creación e igualdad de género.

  • 1.629 women attended in 2015 by the programme of psychosocial support for female victims of violence

  • 233 beneficiaries of the educational programme for the prevention of the violence in 2015

  • 308 professionals trained to detect and act against abuse of the elderly in 2015

  • Personal development and life cycle

  • eduCaixa. Emotional intelligence training

  • "la Caixa" Incorpora programme