Based on empowerment, to create a new life plan 

"If we work on resilience we can combat violence and cure the wounds", Boris Cyrulnik.


    The psychosocial support programmes are designed to be coherent with the other "la Caixa" Foundation programmes and to aid in the recovery of women and children who've been victims of gender violence. To achieve this, three specific programmes have been developed from the perspective of resilience:


    Programme of psychosocial support for women

    Provides a model of social intervention to work with women who've been victims of violence, with adaptations for groups with specific needs:

    • Women with disabilities.

    • Migrant women.


    Programme of psychosocial support for children

    Provides a model of social intervention and tools to detect consequences of the violence experienced by children exposed to gender violence. 


    Programme of psychosocial support for women and their children

    Provides a model of social intervention and tools to work with women and their children. The material connects the programmes of psychosocial support for female victims of gender violence, the programme for children and the programme Learning together, growing as a family.



    For professionals working directly with women, women with disabilities, mothers and children who are victims of violence. For women and their children who are at risk of experiencing gender violence, have experienced it or are experiencing it.


    • We support the women and their children exposed to violence with actions structured around workshops and materials from each programme. 


    • We provide training for the professionals working with these people. 


    • We produce specific materials for each programme, ranging from step-by-step proposals for action to tools to evaluate the process and its outcomes.


  • From 2009 to 2015 this programme attended 6,150 women and 48 children and trained 2,475 professionals

  • 1.667 women attended in 2015

  • 1.253  of them with functional disability