Stronger together

To boost our projects, we work together with other organisations throughout the world.


    We create alliances with major organisations and foundations throughout the world to strengthen and raise awareness of our international cooperation work, particularly in developing countries, and to enhance the institution's reputation.

    Such strategic alliances are possible thanks to the work carried out by our Washington office and the inclusion of these alliances within the priority lines of action defined in ”la Caixa” Foundation's strategic plan.

    Thanks to our strategic alliances, we collaborate with leading international organisations that help us to implement our key lines of action, namely creating employment, education, promoting philanthropy, global health, research and emergency and humanitarian aid.


    Our aim is to join forces with all those organisations, foundations and other international agents that, like us, believe the whole world should have the same rights and that strive, day after day, to achieve this goal.

Una mirada a la Fundación ”la Caixa”

sábado, 20 jun. 2020

Alianzas que garantizan el bienestar de los refugiados

Casi 80 millones de personas han huido de sus hogares y han solicitado asilo en otras ciudades o en otros países. Por eso, hoy, Día Mundial de los Refugiados, queremos destacar la importancia de establecer alianzas para lograr un mundo mejor.