• "You come back all mixed up inside, wanting to change the world by helping those who need it. You go to help and they help you. You go to teach and they teach you. You give just a little and they give you their heart. I keep getting all emotional when I think about the great time I had in Colombia. I can never forget the people that welcomed me."
    Javier Vilés, Pro Futuro, Colombia.

  • "I've understood the need to live more in touch with nature and the consequences my way of life has on the lives of people on the other side of the world. The importance of listening to and understanding the needs of the beneficiaries so that the improvements we make can make them drivers of their own change, in keeping with their way of life and sustainable over time."
    Eva Landeira, Work for Progress, Entre Culturas, Peru.

  • "Knowing how other people live helps you to grow as a person. You learn to prioritise and strike a balance between personal and professional values. You're faced with situations and experiences where it's essential to manage frustration."
    Lola Pardo, Work for Progress, Action Aid, Mozambique.

  • "If you don't act, you don't change anything. Collaboration helps people to get better living conditions but it's also mutually beneficial. You help them and they help you."
    Raúl Abando, Work for Progress, Development Alternatives, India.

Line of Action

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CooperantesCaixa is the international corporate volunteer programme providing short-term specialist assistance that's aimed at current and retired employees of the CaixaBank Group and ”la Caixa” Foundation . Its main goal is to support the programmes carried out as part of our strategic alliances.



    Call for applications opens
    9 December 2019

    Application deadline
    8 January 2020


    • Enhance the skills of people, the beneficiary organisations and communities: we train, advise and help transfer knowledge to improve the outcome of their initiatives.

    • Raise awareness of aid projects involving volunteers.

    • Inform and raise awareness of employees regarding the international cooperation projects promoted by "la Caixa" Foundation.


Register and certification

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    This initiative is aimed solely at employees of the "la Caixa" Group, both current and retired (both through early retirement or at retirement age), who have worked for the company for at least one year on 1 June 2020. They must also be members of a regional branch of the CaixaBank Volunteer Association. If you're not a member, you can sign up as a CaixaBank Volunteer.

    If you're already a volunteer, visit the call for applications website, where you can get your access details (username and password).

    Once you've applied for certification, find the "CooperantesCaixa" call for applications and fill in the registration form. Remember that we'll ask you to upload your CV and a cover letter. Once you receive confirmation of your certification, you'll be able to present your application.


    Only NGOs that have been carrying out international cooperation projects in collaboration with "la Caixa" Foundation may apply.

    To submit a request for volunteers, the applicant organisation needs to certify its eligibility via the call for application website, which will provide it with access details (username and password).

    Organisations already certified need to verify and validate the registration documentation contained in the application.

    Uncertified organisations must have existed for at least one year; for organisations resulting from mergers, at least one of them must have existed for this period of time.

    Once the organisation has been certified, find the "Cooperantes NGO" call and fill in the registration form.