Introducción al proceso de escucha comunitaria


    What is a listening platform

    A listening platform is a set of instruments and processes used to gain in-depth knowledge of the needs, challenges and opportunities for the communities we work with. In the “la Caixa” Foundation’s W4P Programme, each network of organisations forms their own listening platform with other actors (a contrast group and a listening group).


    What is a listening process?

    A listening process is a mechanism comprising four elements:

    1. A selection of people for dialogue, with diverse profiles and representing the study context.

    2. Questions regarding specific problems we want to know about in full.

    3. A selection of channels and tools to collect information.

    4. A space for the open and collective interpretation of information.


    Why would an organisation be interested in using community listening mechanisms?

    Although the information generated through expert groups is both highly useful and necessary, it must also be complemented with the opinions and perceptions of people in the community, which is precisely what a process of community listening accomplishes.


    What are the narratives?

    These are the perceptions of people in the community regarding their own lives. They are subjective and play a decisive role in actions and what we deem to be possible or impossible, inevitably impacting on interventions. Being aware of and considering these aspects is integral to the design and implementation of initiatives.


    What exactly is a listening group?

    This is a group of people to engage in dialogue with, people with diverse profiles who represent the study context. At least 60% of these people must be women and 50% young people.


    What exactly is a contrast group?

    A group of people made up of organisations in the W4P network, public authorities, private companies, NGOs, schools, universities and other actors dealing with or working in the sphere of intervention.



    Browse the Amplify Northern Ireland or Development Alternatives websites and pick out elements that may be of use or can be transferred over to your working context.