How could we use technology to improve efficiency in the distribution and use of water for irrigation in the high-mountain Ccatcca district so that the area’s farmer producers can enjoy continuous production of fodder for family livestock and thus help to overcome rural poverty?


    We have implemented a combination of innovations with the aim of increasing the availability of irrigation water and guaranteeing a stable supply of forage:

    • More efficient sprinklers and drip irrigation systems that incorporate sensors to optimize water use.

    • Introduction of new forage species (alfalfa) that require less water.

    • Improvement of the forage storage systems so that it is available during the dry season.

    In addition, a pilot research and innovation project has been launched to test the use of potassium polyacrylate in alfalfa cultivation. It is a hydrogel, also known as solid rain, which has the ability to retain water and therefore maintain soil moisture.