Work4Progress 2021 call for proposals for India, Mozambique and Peru

Open from 20 April to 31 May 2021.
Aimed at accelerating inclusive businesses that promote local and sustainable economic growth by fostering innovation, especially technological innovation and digitalisation.

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We believe in innovative ideas. That's why we promote the Work 4 Progress programme, which aims to create sustainable, good quality employment among women and young people in India, Mozambique and Peru. By supporting a local network of organisations, the most excluded people in these countries have better employment opportunities.


    In accordance with the 2030 agenda, the Work 4 Progress. Innovation to foster employment programme aims to identify challenges and needs in the area of employment and, by supporting innovative solutions, help to create jobs, with particular emphasis on vulnerable women and young people.


    According to the International Labour Organisation, 2 of every 5 young people are currently unemployed and this figure is even higher among women, whose chances of finding a job are up to 27% worse than men. That's why the Work 4 Progress programme is aimed at young people and women from:


    We help to promote projects that improve employability in developing countries, giving people more and better opportunities through a range of actions:

    • Via a network of organisations working together to develop prototypes in the field to test their viability and thereby identify the most efficient job-creating initiatives.

    • Promoting innovation in products, services and/or processes.

    • Generating a new collaborative culture between organisations working in the same region in order to boost their impact and create sustainable actions.

    • Incorporating new measures to constantly monitor and assess initiatives, adapting the programme in real time to the particular needs of each location. This monitoring of initiatives provides more insight into the communities and assesses the impact of each action focused on improving employability.


    For more information on the activities of the Work 4 Progress programme in

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Todo empieza y termina en ti

El programa Work 4 Progress impulsa la creación de empleo en la India, Mozambique y Perú partiendo de las iniciativas de sus propios habitantes, pero sin olvidar que no hay empleo estable y duradero sin educación y salud.