To remove malaria

We fight so that less developed countries have access to treatments against malaria.



    In 2015 malaria killed 438,000 people and produced 214 million new cases in the world.

    The "la Caixa" Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation promote and finance a pilot project in collaboration with the local authorities in Mozambique, CISM (Manhiça Health Research Centre in Mozambique) and around fifteen international organisations to eliminate this deadly disease successively throughout the region.

    MALTEM (Mozambican Alliance Towards Elimination of Malaria) is a pilot project that aims to produce scientific evidence for a plan of attack against malaria. The goal of this plan is to eliminate the disease throughout the province of Maputo by 2020.

    If successful, this plan will produce the scientific evidence required to roll out the programme to the rest of the region and help similar programmes to be implemented in other countries.


    This programme is aimed at the healthcare centres in the district of Magude, in the province of Maputo, Mozambique. The success of this mission could provide the scientific community with the impetus it needs to definitively tackle malaria worldwide.



    More than 500 people make up an "army against malaria" which is implementing the plan on the ground.

    The action plan is divided into three phases:

    - Fumigation: to eliminate the mosquitoes that carry the parasite and spread the disease among humans.
    - Medication: we supply the whole population with medication that doesn't only eliminate the parasite if the patient has already been infected but also protects against contagion for five or six weeks.
    - Monitoring: we monitor the results of the previous phases and take action in the case of isolated resistant outbreaks.

    The first trial provided promising results although it was still in the experimental phase. The cases of malaria registered in the district of Magude went from 117 in the first week of December 2014 to just 15 in the same period of 2015.

  • More than 500 people are taking part in this programme on the ground

  • Aim:  to eliminate malaria throughout the province of Maputo by 2020

  • Results of the pilot test: 87% reduction in cases recorded in the district of Magude