Line of action

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The sessions organised as part of the “Living Positively” theme of the programme are devoted to considering the skills necessary to identify the opportunities that everyday life offers us and to personally benefit from them: positive emotions, personal enrichment, discovery of interests... Through participatory analysis with the members of the group, we promote personal identification and reflection on the strengths that each has to enjoy daily life, overcoming negative situations and obtaining maximum benefit from positive circumstances.

    • To encourage group cohesion and identify the abilities to adapt that we develop throughout our lives.

    • To propose strategies both to promote emotional welfare in everyday life and to help manage emotional distress.

    • To suggest strategies for managing conflicts in interpersonal relationships and to see solitude as an opportunity for personal development.

    • To discuss personal strengths that help us to connect with the world and advance in our personal development.

    • To suggest strengths that can help us to cope with situations related to loss and, most particularly, to provide people with tools and resources to fully develop the life they want to live.

    • To discuss the importance of a good sense of humour as a strength that gives us a better outlook on life and a positive emotional life.


    13 sessions ? 19 hr 30 min