Line of action

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The third and final theme in the programme aims at encouraging participants to identify skills and recognise strategies for adaptation through exchanges of experience linked to vulnerability. Taking a positive view of this idea, we discuss how to cope with solitude and the need to look after oneself and others, as well as defining personal attitudes that can help us to overcome difficulties that arise in personal and family relationships.

    • To encourage group cohesion and identify the abilities to adapt that we develop throughout our lives.

    • To redefine vulnerability as an opportunity for personal growth and development.

    • To provide strategies for finding understanding and support for personal development.

    • To learn to look after ourselves and others.

    • To reflect on the changes associated with interpersonal relationships as a consequence of the passage of time, discussing the strategies that can help us adjust to those changes.

    • To explore and correct gender differences and imbalances.

    • To explore the opportunities and risks entailed in living alone.

    • To study the implications that social changes over the last few decades have for family and social relationships.

    • To seek commitment to a full life.


    12 sessions ? 18 hr