Reading, much more than just a pleasure

We create activities to encourage individual and group reading.

We encourage reading as a mental exercise that's both healthy and enriching

Reading is an exercise that can be enjoyed at any age, providing us with a range of benefits.

That's why the "la Caixa" Foundation organises activities to encourage both individual and group reading.

Every week, groups made up of 15 members get together at their usual EspaiCaixa centre to share a session of reading, dialogue and debate. These are the Great Readers sessions, helping older people to exercise their minds with one of the most pleasurable activities there is: reading.

These reading groups offer numerous benefits for the people taking part:

  1. They stimulate and exercise cognitive aspects such as concentration, memory, creativity and imagination.

  2. They foster human relations.

  3. They encourage debate and conversation.

  4. They help people discover the habit and pleasure of reading.

  5. They increase self-esteem