We put together local volunteer projects in collaboration with organisations and agents from the area which are aimed at the elderly, to help them feel useful and an active part of society, as well as to enhance each location's social welfare in general.


    The aim of local action initiatives is to support the ideas proposed by senior citizens at "la Caixa" Foundation's network of centres.

    These initiatives are created by the volunteers themselves and last for a specific period of time, which is agreed beforehand.

    By means such projects, which involve local groups and organisations from the location in question, volunteering actions are carried out aimed at the following areas:

    • Immigration.

    • Health and vulnerability.

    • Social exclusion.

    • Education, culture and values.

    • Environment and surroundings.

    • Intergenerational collaboration

    To ensure these goals are achieved, "la Caixa" Foundation provides specific training designed to meet each project's own particular needs.


    Thanks to proactive, enthusiastic older citizens, we have carried out a large number of initiatives in the past few years, such as:

    • "School success": an intergenerational activity where the elderly help to reinforce children's school work.

    • "City allotments": a project that provides plots of land in the city in order to grow food, thereby helping to raise awareness of the environment and boost cooperation among the participants.

    • "CiberCaixas supporting the disabled": a project in which volunteer associations provide assistance for groups with special needs.

    • "Games of now and then": an activity that revives traditional games and introduces them to young children.

    • "Neighbourhood stories": a project to recover local history and memories. The transformation of an area is recorded and reconstructed so it can later be presented in schools.

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jueves, 25 oct. 2018

La escuela de los tomates

“Las plantas son como las personas”. El proyecto “Aprender en el huerto de la escuela” reúne a personas mayores voluntarias, personas con problemas de salud mental y alumnos de primaria con una meta común: dar vida a un huerto y aprender juntos.