We provide the essential tools for the elderly to carry out volunteer work

We offer general training on the skills required to carry out volunteer projects, providing the tools needed to work as a team, resolve conflicts and motivate groups.

Specific training (hours depending on the volunteer project)
All the content of this training is closely related to the work volunteers carry out at each centre. For example: one of the centres decided to set up a storytelling group that visits local schools. In this case the specific training consisted of a 9-hour programme to provide volunteers with the resources they needed to carry out this work: tools for communication, setting the scene, motivating groups of young children, etc.

Social skills (9 hours: 6 sessions of 1.5 hrs)
This training includes theory and also various strategies to work on all the abilities and social skills required to carry out any volunteer work. The knowledge acquired is useful in all walks of life. The training covers subjects such as communication, conflict resolution, interpersonal relations, etc.

Involvement and volunteering (6 hours: 4 sessions of 1.5 hrs)
This is basic training for volunteers to help them define their tasks within the organisation and to know their rights and duties. It explains the different volunteer projects carried out and experienced volunteers share their experiences with newer volunteers.