We promote an active role so that the elderly can feel they play a part in our society.

"la Caixa" Foundation is committed to the elderly playing an active role in our society.

We therefore organise activities in which older citizens can become involved in helping others, passing on and sharing their experience and helping to integrate the most vulnerable people within society.

After their working lives, or even when they haven't had any particular professional career, the elderly still have a lot of knowledge to offer and a great deal of experience to share with people who might benefit from it.

"la Caixa" Foundation provides them with the necessary training to help them become volunteers and play that active role by offering their time as a support and point of reference for other members of society.

We thereby foster this social and participative feeling among the elderly, as well as helping to resolve the needs of our society.

  • Local actions

    Local actions

  • Basic training for volunteer projects

    Basic training for volunteer projects

  • Great Readers

    Great Readers

  • Story Competition

    Story Competition

  • Intergenerational activities

    Intergenerational activities