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This workshop is aimed at people who basically know how to use information and communication technologies (ICTs) but who wish to learn more about and practise with the most typical digital tools and applications on the internet that could give them the opportunity to improve their quality of life
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    Learn how to carry out everyday tasks online, such as:

    • Making a doctor's appointment.

    • Buying cinema or film tickets.

    • Buying train or plane tickets.

    • Organising trips and holidays.

    • Carrying out bank and official procedures.

    • Etc...

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    1. Digital communication: a social, local and mobile present.

    2. The Google environment (search engine, Gmail, Drive, Maps, Calendar).

    3. YouTube, Picasa, Spotify, Ustream and Skype.

    4. e-government.

    5. e-commerce.

    6. Mobile apps that can help you in your daily life.

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    16 hours