We promote active ageing programmes focusing on the world of computing and digital communication.

    Using training plans, we offer participants the tools they need so they can learn how to take advantage of new technologies.


    Our training activities and workshops give older people the chance to learn about new technologies, as well as covering more practical aspects of the subject. From setting up an email account to preparing a digital presentation, participants can put into practice skills and knowledge that are beneficial to them in their everyday lives.

    In addition to learning about computing, this training also aims to stimulate participants and reinforce their self-esteem, meeting their personal concerns and developing their social skills through group dynamics.

Una mirada a la Fundación ”la Caixa”

lunes, 1 oct. 2018

La tecnología no entiende de edad
con Leopoldo Abad

Con motivo del Día Internacional de las Personas de Edad, hablamos con Leopoldo Abad sobre discriminación, brecha digital y las posibles soluciones para que la sociedad no deje atrás a nuestros sabios y necesarios mayores.

  • Make a start in computing

  • Create and design text documents

  • Editing photographs and digital presentations

  • Connect to social media

  • Make the internet a part of your daily life