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The Keep Fit workshop combines exercises focused on balance, power and muscle strength to help us improve our physical fitness through such innovative methodologies as eurythmics.


    • To help elderly people improve their fitness levels through physical exercise focused on improving power, balance and muscle strength.

    • To raise awareness of the importance of appropriate physical exercise to stay in good shape and prevent symptoms that can cause fractures among elderly people.

    • To promote the habit of taking regular physical exercise.

    • To encourage participants to put what they learn at the workshop into practice in their day-to-day lives.

    • To promote the habit of doing physical exercise appropriate to the needs of each different person.


    Participants in the workshop will be provided with:

    • A trainer with knowledge of physiotherapy.

    • A guide (worksheets at each session).

    • Material on physical exercise.

    Besides leading the physical exercises at each session, the trainer will also provide information about their benefits to participants.


    Sixteen 90-minute sessions.